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JYF-3213A Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock JYF-3213A

Fingerprint Lock JYF-3213A Size

  Zinc Alloy & Acrylic Metal Casing

  1. Support Fingerprint, password, card and mechanical

  2. Touch Screen

  3. Fingerprint capacity: 100pcs

  4. Password capacity: 100pcs

  5. pasowrd combination: 6 numbers

  6. with USB Power Interface

  7. Can change the handle from Right to Left. DIY design.

  8. Battery lifetime: 5000 times

  9. temperature: -20 to 70 ℃

  10.Size: 353x70 mm

Sensor resolution Bright background, 500dpi
Sensor anti-destructive ability 4h pencil 20 cm continuous impact 1000 times without damage
Start Time <1 second
Contrast method 1:N
FRR ≤0.001%
FAR Less than or equal to one millionth (≤0.0001%)
Finger Angle 360°
Fingerprint registration module Generate one fingerprint module at a time
Fingerprint capacity 100 pieces
Light interference Avoid direct sunlight
Static power Less than 30 microampere
Dynamic power Working current is less than 200 mA
Control System Dual-core dual-circuit independent control
Fingerprint battery life Unlock 5000 times
Password battery life Unlock 6,000 times
Operating Voltage DC 6v
Power supply Battery powered
Password capacity 100
backup power Power bank or power bank
Low pressure alarm 4.9 volts
Antistatic Contact discharge 8kv, air discharge 15kv
Operating temperature -10 ℃ to 55 ℃
Working humidity 10%-90%
Storage temperature -20 ° C to 70 ° C
Password design Feel free to change the combination
Password length 6 digits
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