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JYF-MINI01 Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 mini fingerprint lock

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 lock

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 semiconductor fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 lock mortise

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 USB charging port

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 Fine copper mechanical core

Fingerprint Lock JYF-MINI01 indoor fingerprint lock

  This lock has a simple and beautiful design. It's very easy to install and suitable for most wooden doors. The fingerprint reader is designed in the position of the handle so that theoperation of unlocking is very simple Semiconductor fingerprints have very high safety and stability. This lock is suitable for you who pursue a simple and intelligent life.

Item Name FingerprintDoor Lock
ItemNumber JYF-MINI01
Unlock Ways Fingerprint
Material Made Zinc Alloy
Colors Available Black
Application Places Residential, Apartment
Item Size 142mm*70mm
Door Thickness 30mm~60mm
Temperature -20℃~70℃
Humidity 10%~95%
Low Voltage Warning Below 4.8V
BatteryDuration Support 5,000 Times of Locking & Unlocking Operation
Static Power Consumption <30uA
Dynamic Power Consumption <300mA
Distance to Sense Card <25mm
Data Capacity Data for 100pcs Fingerprint
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