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JYC-LH1703 Hotel Lock System

Hotel Lock System--JYC-LH1703
  1、 green, environmental, health
  oLeading the international trend of zinc alloy material, green, environmental, health, avoiding the plating of products on the environment pollution in the past, in line with the concept of Green Hotel just rot, strong, greatly improving the life of the lock
  oEmergency opening function: has two kinds of electronic and mechanical keys for emergency opening mode: ensures in any case of emergency, no need to destroy locks to open the door.
  3、lost log off function: when the hotel staff inadvertently when a valid card is lost, you can lock management software for the loss of the card be cancelled, strengthening the safety management of hotel,
  4、covers the old card, the new card features: when guests left early, but do not go back to the hotel door card, through door corresponds to a management software offering room for a guest card, with a new card after you open the door, the original card automatically can't open the door
  Multiple levels of key features, well-defined: according to the hotel management needs can set their own emergency card, master card, floor control cards, group control cards, guest cards
  1, emergency card: emergency card held by the security services can open all locks in the system, after opening the door is in a long open State (with an ordinary door stuck door cancels long drive mode), emergency card is not restricted by time, time restrictions and locked.
  2, master cards: master card held by the General Manager, you can open all locks in the system, master card are not affected by time, time limit, but cannot open the locked door.

Parameter index  
Power supply DC4.8V-6.5V,4 1.5V LR6 alkaline batteries
Quiescent current <20 UA
Dynamic current < 180 Ma
Storage temperature range -20~+85℃
Storage humidity 10~98% RH
Working temperature 0~+70℃
Operating humidity 15~95% RH
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