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New Hotel Lock System Video instruction

New Hotel Lock System Video instruction

  Once you receive the hotel locks, you need to contact us with the photo of QR code at the back of encoder, and tell us the hotel name, the quantity of hotel rooms and room cards you plan to issue,

  Step 1. Please note this step need online talking between you and us, please do this when you are available online.

  Connect the card encoder to the computer through USB port, download the hotel management software on the computer, and login in with user id: admin, password:(no password), Click System Management, goes to Registration,

  input the hotel name(this name should be the same as what you told u) and click save, then click"register online", after click, tell the sales you contact right away, our technician will set up online,

  you dont need to do any operation at that moment, it will show register successfully, after one registered, you dont need to go to register page any more;

  Step 2. Create/Manage Guestrooms

  Goes to the Add Building, set up the floor number, input Room Type, Room Price, and Card Quantity

  Step 3. Lock setting

  Click"System card", put one card on the card encoder, and click issue card on software, that card is the Authorizing Card

  Step 4. Room number Setup

  Input the designated Room Number to the corresponding Door Lock, choose the room number, and put one card on the card encoder, then click "issue card", after that, swipe the Authorizing Card on the lock for 3 times, and then swipe the room card on the lock, then the room card is issued successfully.

  When your guest come, goes to the Receiption, choose the room number, set up the using time and then click "issue card", then your guest can open the room with corresponding card.

  Set record card

  1. issue a record card on the encoder, 2. swipe it on the lock for once, 3. put it on the encoder, then the software can show up the record of that lock. One record card can be used for several locks

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