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JYA-T003EM/MF Standalone Door Access Control System

  Key features

  1. M293 access control is a new generation PIN and proximity card reader, allows entry via PIN and/or by presenting a proximity EM or IC card.

  2. Aluminum alloy structure, waterproof, fully potted, confirms to IP65. Touch panel.Built-in 125KHz (EM&H ID card) reader Or 13.56MHz(IC, ISO14443A) reader

  3. Anti tamper, antistatic 15KV

  4. Digital backlit key. The back light can be set to Normal ON, Normal OFF or Automatic mode.

  5. Door bell function

  RF waterproof controller Specification

Workingfrequency 125khzor13.56mhz
Usercapacity: support1,000users
Standardinterface Wiegand26input
WorkVoltage: DC12V±10%
Operatingcurrent: <100mA
ReadingRange: 1~5cm
Waterproofdegree: IP65rating
AmbientTemperature: 0°C—70°C
AmbientHumidity: 20%~80%
Electricitylockoutput: ≤3A
Alarmoutput: ≤20A
Outputshortcircuitprotectiontime: ≤100μS
Opentime: 0~99seconds(adjustable)
Size: 120(L)x78(W)x22(H)mm
weight: 110g
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