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JYF-F2033D Tuya/TTlock Smart Door Lock

• 6-in-1 unlock. A combination of multiple unlocking methods, including fingerprint unlocking, remote unlocking, key unlock, password unlock, card unlock, APP unlock. Meet your needs in different situations.

• Smart Tuya deadbolt Lock, It can be connected to Tuya APP, with 2.0 Megapixel camera

• Easy to operate. Has function of auto-rebounce and auto-lock.

• Stainless steel latch and lock body, durable and anticorrosion.

• Motor life span is about 100,000 times, the Static Power Consumption less than 5μA.

• Work with alkaline battery,emergency key for backup use 300,000 times life test

• Suitable to fit most doors.
• Stand-alone, reset system can recognize all cards (Never have to worry losing your card).

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