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JYL-L13 Locker Lock

Unlock way Password,Card
Door type Wood door , Stainless ,Steel door ,Aluminum door Brass door
Battery 4 pcs 1A 1.5V
Emergency port Yes
Certification CE FCC ROHS
Weight 0.5 kg
Warning voltage 4.5 V
Size 114 x 58 x 16mm
Working Voltage 6V
Low-voltage directives 4.8V

  Features Introduction:

  1. Our door lock has the function to unlock the door automatically , when you use wrist card key to unlock, the door will unlocked automatic,so you don't need to install door handle.

  2. Two open solution : single card solution and dual card solution.

  3. Low power alarm to remind you to change the batteries, external power is free!

  4. Set up management card and guest card just on the cabinet lock but not need from the computer . Sound and light indicate when it works ,blue light shining when low battery. 5.Mortise will come back automatically when there is obstruction and will indicate there is obstruction.

  6.Deadbolt function.


  1.Power Supply: DC6V, use of 4 pieces of AA batteries. It's lifetime is about 1 year.

  2.Alarm Voltage: below DV4.8V with lack of voltage indications and can use about 200 more times.

  3.Static Power Supply: <10u A.

  4.Dynamic Power Supply: < 150mA.

  5.Lifetime of battery: normally can exceed 20,000 times and 200 more with low energy indication.

  6.Latch length: 15mm.

  7.Door thickness: 15-30mm.

  8.Working temperature: -30~+70 °C , Colors: Gold, Silver

  9.Lock types: EM4100,TK4100



  Applicable to agent, school, SPA/sauna bath center, swimming pool, gymnasium,golf course, supermarket,hotel, company, factory, household, business clue, etc.

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