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The operation way of EM Locker Lock

  Hold down the initialization button one second, buzzer will sound a "Tick sound",then release the button, buzzer will sound a "Tick sound" every one second,which is said the "single-card mode".And then click the initialization button,the buzzer sound the twice "Tick sound" every one second, which is saying the "dual-card mode", and then click the initialization button,the mode turned to "single-card mode"once more, like such cycled.But if not click the buttons in five seconds,the card will be automatically being cleared after being initialization.
Cabinet Lock Reset
  II. Configurat the "mother card"
  When reading the card,the buzzer sound a shortdi",then following a long “di",which saying that "mother card" was configurated successfully and the first card after initialized called the “ Mother-card”。
  III. Configurate the “Open-door cards”
  When reading the  "management card" buzzer sound a short "di" ,then the door opened,the blue light flashing,when reading other cards, buzzer sound twice"di,di" shortly,which means the card was been increased and then blue light flashing again, , such cycle repeated and consecutive increase, until the re-read "management card" or do not read any card in 10 seconds.
  i)a lock will have up to 15 "open-door card" at most;
  ii)Under the condition of double-card mode to open,the first “open-door card” increased is the “guest open-door card” ,and the other "open-door card" is "attendant open-door card";
  iii)Under the condition of double-card mode to open the door , the door couldn’t be open except taken by "the guests open door card" plus any "attendants open card",when opening,the the order of  "guests open-door card" and "attendant open-door card" is not constrained and freely.
  IV. Deleting the cards
  First, to delete all the cards: continuous reading "mother card" 5 times, blue lights light, buzzers sound "tick,tick,tick sound" three long times, all cards including “mother card” will be clear ,but the single-and double-card mode will not be changed.
  Second, to delete the designated card: Reading any "mother card", the door will be opened, and then read the” mother card" three times,the blue light flashing rapidly,which means that it has entered a state of deleting,and when reading the one of cards needed to be deleted,the buzzer will be sound a long “tick sound” .If you need to delete the first card,please use the last of the cards.This method could only delete the “attendant card “ and “guest card”。If there are only “ attendant card” and “guest card” left, the card will be all deleting himselves.
  V. Open the door
  First, use "mother card" to open the door: read any one "mother card" ,to open the door, "Mother card" has no tips when the battery is on the low-powere and the doll will be closed in 5 seconds.
  Second, Single-card mode: Reading an arbitrary "attendant card" or "guest card", if the voltage of battery is between the 4.5V and 4.7V and the buzzer sounds of rapid ten,the blue light flashing,too,the door will be open. If the voltage of the battery voltage is lower than 4  5V, buzzer sounds two and following rapid ten times, the blue light flashing,too,the door will not be opened.
  Third, dual card mode: Readomg any “attendant card” and “guest card” in 5 seconds,the doll will be opened,the same when the low  the low voltage notice and dual card mode.
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