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Bluetooth Lock JYL-OS8815 Manual

1.User register
Click “Register” ➪ “Register via email&rdquo

2. Add administrator

2.1 Lock Initialization

Open battery compartment cover ➪ remove one battery ➪ lock power cutoff ➪ wait two seconds ➪ insert the battery ➪lock power on ➪ bright touch screen ➪ within 2-5 seconds ➪ press and hold "#" ➪ hear "bit" sound twice ➪ lock initialization success.

2.2 Open the APP ➪ click on the menu bar "Discover"➪ select "Home Lock" click, the lock device ➪ the page jump to the menu bar of the "ttlock" automatically ➪ administrator added successfully

3.Change device name

Click the lock device name ➪click "About Device" ➪click the "name"➪Edit name

4. Set group

Locks can be grouped according to management needs, such as "Purchasing Group", "Business Group", each group needs to be added with a corresponding number of locks

Click lock device name ➪ click "About Device" ➪ Click on "Sort" ➪ create new group ➪ Input new group name


Do not clean up ttlock APP and bluetooth should be activated, no need to light up your phone, just close to the door ,touch the lock panel, door locks automatically unlock (For iphone, due to system mechanism, running in the background will automatically be cleared, there will not automatically unlock case, opening the app to unlock the door)

6. User Management (Administrator)

6.1. Remove the administrator user

Android: Press the device name ➪ "Delete"

IOS: press and hold the left slide ➪ "Delete"

6.2. Delete & Block ordinary users

Click lock device name ➪ Click "User management" Enter Password ➪ send users through the electronic key ➪ this user to perform the "Delete" “Block" "unfreeze" and other operations.

7.  Password Management

7.1 Set the administrator password

Click the lock device name ➪ click "Password Management" ➪ Click "Admin Password" ➪ Click on "Modify Password" ➪ "Change Password" ➪ requires to be set 7-10 digit admin password ➪ "new password"

PS: new password enter into force after Bluetooth unlock the door.

7.2 Setting user password

Click the lock device name ➪ click "Password Management" ➪ click "Reset Keyboard Password " ➪  "Reset" ➪ input admin’s password ➪ input valid password count(1-100) ➪press the "#"  ➪ user password reset ➪  click "send keyboard password" ➪ set validity

Administrator setting password expiration "single time" "minute", "hour", "day", "month", "permanent“

➪ Click"get password", the system generates a random 8-digit password and automatically paste to the clipboard, users can whatsapp or text password to the user

7.Check unlock records (Administrator)

Click the lock device name ➪ check the "real-time monitoring" ➪ click "unlock records" to see open records

8. Check unlock records (Administrator)

Click lock device name ➪click "unlock records"

9. power remind

The following device names have blue battery status alerts, from fully charged to low battery, you can see,

When the battery is low, there will be a voice prompt "lock out of power, please replace the battery."

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