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How to set temporary password to your friend when you outside from our Joneytech Lock?

  Sometime, we are not at home when our friend, parents come our house. But we can not come back in time, we will solve this problem when install our Bluetooth door lock.

  Or if you want to manage your renting apartment, how to set your password?

  Our lock can set set temporary time when we are not at home by our mobile APP TT Lock,

  How to set? As follows,

  1. Install our Joneytech Bluetooth lock, and download TTLOCK. Register one account.

  Our one APP can management several locks, you can named your lock


  2. When you are not at home, you still can use this APP to send passcode. Or you want to management your several renting room. Please select send passcode follows

TTlock Bluetooth Lock-1

  3. You can select which kind of passcode you want to send to your friend,

TTlock Bluetooth Lock-2

  Timed, permanent, or recyclable passcode from one week.

  So you will get one code to give your friend. It will be convenient.

  Of course, if you have several apartments for rent. It will be solve your problem for password setting and management perfect. For our Bluetooth lock suit for home use, apartment renting, and hotel. It will have mobile app and web management.

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