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JYA-1306EM Middle range card reader Access Control System

JYA-1306EM Middle range card reader Access Control System

  Model Number : JYA-1306EM

  Introduction :

  JYA-1306EM is a long range card reader. With 125khz frequency, it can allow fast recognition and reaction. Its reading distance can reach 100cm, allow users pass through conveniently.

  Main Features :

  .Proximity EM 125Khz Long Range Reader

  .Standard with wiegand26/34 interface

  .RS232communication port is optional

  .70-100cmProximity Range

  .Size: L235mm x W240mm xH35mm

  Main specification :

Model JYA-1306EM
Size 235*240*35(mm)
Color Dark Grey
Voltage DC9V to 12V
Current ≤100mA
Respond to speed <0.2 s
Ambient Temperature -25°C~75°C
Reading Range 70~100CM
Output Format Wiegand 26/34,RS485/232
Card Type EM-ID Middle distance card
Comunication Distance WG≤100M,RS485≤1200M


Red DC 9-16V
Black GND
Green D0
White D1
Blue LED
Yellow BEEP
Grey Ring
Purple Ring
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