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JYA-H601EM/MF-W Standalone Door Access Control System

JYA-H601EM/MF-W Standalone Door Access Control System

  Model Number : JYA-H601EM/MF-W

  Main Features :

  .Low power consumption: Less than 30mA standby current

  .Luminous keyboard: The night can also operate keyboard

  .User capacity: Support 2, 000 users

  .Independent password: Can use password which irrelevant with the card to open the door

  .User modification password: Users can revise the door password

  .Search speed: Charge to open the door time less than 0.1 S.

  .Output short circuit protection: Electric lock or alarm output circuit within 100 μ S when shut

  down automatically output

  .Wiegand output: With Wiegand output interface, Wg26 card number or Wg4 buttons output

  .Usable keyboard delete card number: After card is lost, usable keyboard delete card, Thoroughly

  eliminate safety lapses

  .The demolition alarm: Illegal dismantling machine, built-in alarm sound buzzer

  .The bell button and interface: Key and circuit segregation, external any the doorbell.

  Main specification :

  Metal hosing and keypad with back light

  Capacity: 2000 user

  Waterproof degree:IP68

  Working Voltage : DC12V-24V

  Reading card: 125KHz

  Three kinds of unlock way: password, card, password and card

  Wiegand in/out, with external reader

  Reading card distance: 5cm (thick card 8cm)

  Size: 120*56*18mm

Model no Card style frequency Reading range
JYA-H600EM-W EM 125KHz 5-15CM
JYA-H600MF-W M.F 13.56MHZ 3-10CM
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