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JYA-T001EM Standalone Door Access Control System

JYA-T001EM Standalone Door Access Control System

  Model Number : JYA-T001EM

  Introduction :

  JYA-T100EM is a reliable standalone access control system for most home usage. With the IP68 waterproof design, it can adapt to most of weather and area and it is convenient even in the bad weather. It can allow 2,000 users use the machine. With backlight, it can use in the dark night.

  Main Features :

  .Keypad touch screen+UV polished shell

  .Support external WG26 Reader

  .With RFID Antena

  .Backlight modes: ON,OFF,Automatically

  .1 door Release Port and 1 doorbell Port;

  .1 Relay output and 1 PUSH (low) output

  .Built-in Buzzer; With two-color LED display

  .Anti tamper

  .LED and buzzer

  .Multi way of backlighting optional

  Main specification :

Operating voltage DC12V-24V
Operating current < 100mA
Dimensions 120mm × 78mm × 22mm
Weight 130g
Ambient temperature -10 °C_ 70 °C
Relative humidity 20% _ 80%
Storage 1000 users
Card type (alternative) 125KHz EM card
Card reading distance 1 - 15CM
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