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JYP-BT01 Padlock

Bluetooth Lock--JYP-BT01
Bluetooth Round Padlock
Bluetooth Round Padlock open
Bluetooth Round Padlock Features
Bluetooth Round Padlock IP65
Bluetooth Round Padlock USB Power
Bluetooth Round Padlock scenes to be used
Item Bluetooth Round Padlock
Color Grey
Material Lock Body:ADC12 Aluminum alloy ,Lock Beam:303 Stainless steel
Size Lock Body:78*50*23mm Lock Beam:6mm
Net Weight About105g
Surface Treatment Lock Body: Surface Dusting
  Lock Beam: Stainless Steel Original Color: 48 Hours CCT (Cyclic Corrosion Test)
Communication Bluetooth BLE
Unlock Method Bluetooth, Unlock by Mobile App, Unlock by Fingerprint
Support Device IOS, Andriod 4.3 above
Unlock Time Less Than 5S Reaction Time
Bluetooth Parameter Bluetooth Chip:TI-CC2541
  Working Frequency:2.4G
  Receiver Sensitivity:-90dbm
  Transmit Power:-8.5dbm
  Secure Encryption: AES Encryption
  Bluetooth Version:4.0 BLE
Algorithm Features FAR(False Rate):1/100000
  FRR(Refusal Rate):<2%
  Support 360°Identifying Function, Support Fingerprint Stitching Function
Responding Speed Image Feature Extraction:<300ms
  Single Image Feature Matching:<30ms
Fingerprint Entry 16 Buttons
Battery Polymer Battery3.7V 130MAH
Operating Voltage 3.7V
Charging Method 5V 130mA(Android Micro USB)
Standby Time Standby 1months,More Than 1000 Times Continuous Unlocking
Waterproof Performance IP65
Working Temperature -25~+80d°C
(Relative Humidity) 5%~95%
Lock Beam Pull Vertical Pull≥100kg,Lateral Pull≥350kg
Free Drop Test GB-T25162.2-2010 76.2CM,Drop On Six Sides.50 to 100 Times 
Vibration Test X Axis Vibration 30Minutes,Y Axis Vibration 30minutes,No Damage Does Not Automatically Open!
Special Feature 1.Remotely Share Keys
  2.Wake-up Unlock
  3.Can Be Set To Scan Code Unlock
  4.Can Record 1000 Unlocking Information
  5.Fingerprint Unlocking
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