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JYL-L07/JYL-L07EM Locker Lock

Locker Lock--JYL-L07/JYL-L07EM
  a.Zinc Alloy material, Dust-proof, Water-proof Lock Shell (can't put into the water)
  b.Single Card or Password Unlock or Card & Password Unlock for Digital Code Number
  c.The length of management code or opening code will be 4~15 digital.
  d.Only 1 management code is available and 200 for opening code.
  e.Input wrong code for 7 times, the keypad will be locked for 2 minutes.
  f.If the power is totally exhausted, please use external power pack to supply power to unlock.
  g.In order to improve safety, our locks supports messy code(or false code)input.
  h.The management code and the management key can always unlock the lock
Unlock way ID card, password, ID card + Password
ID card capacity 16pcs
Power supply 4pcs 2A 1.5V batteries
Battery life span over 15 months
External power interface  Yes
Static power consumption <5μA
Dynamic power consumption About 200 mA
Working temperature -30 to 80 degreed celsius
Working humidity 95%
The battery life Open door for 2000 times
Working Humidity ≤ 80%
Warranty 1 year, lifetime maintenance
Material Fire rated plastic
Bouncing function when the lock opened by ID card, the cabinet door will be bounced automatically so that handle is not needed.
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