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JYT-P22 Tuya WIFI Lock

Tuya  Padlock-JYT-P22

Tuya  Padlock-JYT-P22 Features

Tuya  Padlock-JYT-P22 Fingerprint Bluetooth UnLock

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  Product name: APP fingerprint padlock

  Product Weight: 146 grams


  P22+ Bluetooth APP Multi-functional Intelligent Key Free Fingerprint Lock Waterproof Anti-theft Door Tail Padlock


  -Small size, beautiful appearance, hard material

  -Can record 10 fingerprints; waterproof, crash proof, burglar proof.

  -Three hours of charging, four months of standby, one charge, 1000 unlocking(unlimited locking and unlocking as long as there is power);

  -For garage doors, motorcycles, luggage, luggage, etc..


  Fingerprint Sensor: Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor Technology, 72 * 64

  Fingerprint shape: Square, 10.4 * 10.4 mm

  Storage capacity: 10 sets of fingerprints

  Technology: biometrics

  False rate: & lt; 0.002

  Rejection rate: & lt; 1

  Fingerprint collection time: ≤ 0.5 seconds

  Fingerprint match time: ≤ 1.0 seconds

  Manager's Fingerprint Capacity: 2 sets of Fingerprints

  Lock core: No mechanical lock core

  Technology: Bluetooth 4.1

  Unlock time: & lt; One second.

  Unlock mode: APP connection

  Password length: 6-8 digits

  Support system: for Android, for iOS

  IC Induction Card: Not Supported

  Motor: Planetary deceleration motor M10

  Operating voltage: 3.7 V

  Battery: lithium battery 300mAh 3.7 V

  Charge current: 5V/200mA

  Ongoing standby: 4 months

  Full charge reminder: green light extinguished

  Product Size: 75 * 48 * 15mm

  Low power alert: 3.5 V

  LED Lamp: Tricolor Lamp

  USB interface: Micro USB 5V 0.5 A(emergency + charging)

  Button: stroke detection button * 1(built-in)

  Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ +70 °C

  Unlock times: 1000 times

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