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JYF-T2020B Tuya WIFI Lock

JYF-T2020B  Tuya WIFI Lock

JYF-T2020B  Tuya WIFI Lock Features

JYF-T2020B  Tuya WIFI Lock Scenes

JYF-T2020B  Tuya WIFI Lock instructions

JYF-T2020B  Tuya WIFI Lock size

JYF-T2020B Tuya WIFI Lock


  1. Standard version with 4 in 1unlocking ways:Fingerprint, password, key, card--which each of them with 100capacity except the key, 3pcs keydefaulted;

  2. Optional for Wifi APPaccess,Bluetooth APPaccess,Remote control;

  3. Battery supported working--4X5 Alkaline batteries. OR DC 12Vpower supply against your usingfrequency;

  4. With semiconductor fingerprintreader head;

  5. Single cylinder or Doublecylinder provide on request.

  6. Its widely fit for wooden door,iron door, aluminum door, Sheetsteel door, etc.

  7. Its wide application for home,apartments, office, etc.

  8 Cost-saving, easy-installation,simple-flexible operation;

  Product Detail

Model JYF-T2020B
Power supply 6V DC (4PCS AAAlkaline Battery)
Typical quiescent current <55 mAh(battery can be used over 1 year)
Working current <280 mAh (strongdriven power)
Front lock size 168X60X33mm
Back lock size 130X98X60mm
Fingerprint quantity for unlocking <=100
Password quantity for unlocking <=100
Card quantity for unlocking <=100
Remote control capacity <=120(Optional)
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