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Fingerprint lock selection method

  The selection of fingerprint locks mainly starts from these aspects, materials, fingerprint heads, lock cores, and craft details. Here are some points to be noted when selecting high-quality fingerprint locks.
Fingerprint lock
  First, the material
  Fingerprint lock housing is prone to oxidation, paint peeling, rusting and other problems, so when choosing a fingerprint lock, the first thing to look at is the material. Currently, the fingerprint lock materials on the market mainly include zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper.
  1,304 stainless steel
  Advantages: 304 stainless steel material has good durability, strong hardness, strong destructiveness, no rust, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, etc. In recent years, there are countless powders in the security industry. The fingerprint lock of copper is more approachable.
  Disadvantages: low plasticity, difficult to form, single appearance, it is very difficult to make a good looking appearance technology, but as the technology continues to improve, there will be a stainless steel fingerprint lock with a good appearance in the future.
  2, zinc alloy
  Advantages: Zinc alloy refers to an alloy composed of other elements added on the basis of zinc. The development cost is lower than that of stainless steel. It is the most used material in the fingerprint lock industry. It has bright color and strong plasticity. It can make various kinds of materials. The beautiful appearance, plus the pattern decoration, can maximize the splendid luxury temperament.
  Disadvantages: easy to oxidize, weak hardness, poor impact resistance, poor rust resistance, of course, everything is not absolute, some brands of zinc alloy quality is much better than the brand.
  3, all copper
  Advantages: The fingerprint lock of copper material is the most expensive in the fingerprint lock industry. It is generally used in villas and high-end places. Its fireproof, anti-mite, anti-corrosion and other aspects have excellent performance, that is, firm and rust-proof, and the appearance is noble. Generous, the first material in modern and classical style decoration.
  Disadvantages: The manufacturing cost is incomparable to other fingerprint lock materials. The cost requirement is quite high and the activity is poor. In a humid environment, the surface is prone to patina without special processing, which affects the service life and appearance of the fingerprint lock.
  In general, you can choose what you think is appropriate based on the strengths and weaknesses of the above mentioned materials.
  Second, the fingerprint head
  There are two kinds of fingerprint heads on the market: optical fingerprint heads and semiconductor fingerprint heads. Both fingerprint heads have been widely used in the fingerprint lock industry. Which semiconductor and optical fingerprint heads are good, It is what consumers care about. So, is the optical fingerprint or the semiconductor fingerprint? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of semiconductor fingerprint heads and optical fingerprint heads:
  1, semiconductor fingerprint head
  (1) The semiconductor fingerprint head only recognizes the living fingerprint, and the security is extremely high, that is to say, the semiconductor fingerprint head penetrates the skin surface layer when identifying the fingerprint. Therefore, the silicone mold fingerprint on the Internet does not reach the semiconductor. Any effect, the biggest advantage of identifying a living fingerprint is that you don't have to worry about fingerprints being copied and forged.
  (2) It has very high recognition accuracy and sensitivity. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition is a capacitor array composed of tens of thousands of capacitors. It collects fingerprint ridges and valleys to resolve distances to form fingerprint data. Compared with optical fingerprint heads, it has a higher height. Accuracy, the ability to capture more detailed fingerprint details, and faster acquisition.
  (3) The ultra-high recognition rate, the optical fingerprint head will be affected by fingerprint wet and dry, shallow depth in normal use, leading to recognition errors and unrecognizable fingerprints, and semiconductors can maximize these problems.
  (4) Semiconductors have the advantages of low power consumption and small size, which is very helpful for reducing the power consumption of fingerprint locks and reducing the size of locks.
  (1) The cost is high, and the capacitance version of the semiconductor fingerprint head is obviously higher than the cost of the tempered glass of the optical fingerprint head. In addition, the cost of other components is relatively higher than that of the optical fingerprint head, so the cost is slightly higher, but With the continuous development of technology, the price between the two has begun to shrink.
  (2) It is not easy to maintain. The collection window of the semiconductor fingerprint head is easily affected by stains and static electricity. At the same time, it is easy to be scratched. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to protection and maintenance during the use process, otherwise it will be difficult to guarantee its service life. .
  2, optical fingerprint head
  (1) The optical fingerprint head is very adaptable to the environment. The temperature is between -15 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius, and the temperature can be kept normal in the environment of 20% to 95%. The collection window is basically made of tempered glass. Good pressure and anti-wear and corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, stains, and the glass surface is easy to clean, can be used in ordinary environments such as home, but also in special environments such as humidity, high temperature and dust.
  (2) Good stability, the development of optical fingerprint recognition technology is earlier than semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, after long-term test and continuous improvement of the market, coupled with the better adaptability of optical fingerprint head to the environment, therefore, in the process of use The stability of the medium is very good. In theory, the lifetime is also longer than the semiconductor fingerprint head.
  (3) Low cost, low development of optical fingerprint head, very mature industry scale, modular mass production, and relatively cheap raw materials used in optical fingerprint heads. Therefore, the cost of optical fingerprint heads is higher than that of semiconductors. The fingerprint head is cheap.
  (1) The anti-counterfeiting performance is weak and the security is hidden. Because the recognition technology of the optical fingerprint head is based on the image principle, theoretically, as long as the fingerprint of the owner is prevented, it can be easily cracked.
  (2) There is a defect in the recognition accuracy. The optical fingerprint head is a different image of the reflection of light from the fingerprint ridge and the valley. For users with shallow fingerprints, fingerprints that are too dry or peeled, the phenomenon of recognition error is easy to occur.
  (3) The power consumption is relatively large, and the optical fingerprint head needs to emit strong light. Therefore, compared with the semiconductor fingerprint head, the required electric energy is more. Under normal circumstances, the optical fingerprint lock needs to be replaced once for more than half a year. The semiconductor fingerprint lock can be used for about a year.
  In view of the above introduction, the semiconductor fingerprint head and the optical fingerprint head have their own advantages. The user can select a fingerprint lock suitable for himself according to his own needs and preferences.
  Third, the lock core
  There are three kinds of lock cylinders in the market, which are A grade, B grade and super B grade (C grade)。 Among them, the C lock cylinder has the highest anti-theft level, and the technical unlocking time is about 270 minutes. The safety factor is the highest, basically all. The fingerprint lock is standard. When selecting the fingerprint lock, you must select the fingerprint lock of the C-class lock cylinder.
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