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Smart fingerprint lock function advantages and disadvantages

  With the rapid rise of the intelligent era, smart home products have begun to slowly replace traditional home equipment, and smart fingerprint locks are one of them. You don't have to carry the key with you to open the door. Instead of using the mobile phone and fingerprint remote control to open the door, what are the benefits and advantages of this smart fingerprint lock?
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  First, what it brings to us is security:
  1. Generally, in the security environment of residential quarters, the general door lock handle opening method can not ensure sufficient safety performance, and it is easy to drill a small hole from the outside of the door and then use a wire to turn the handle to open the door;
  Nowadays, the smart fingerprint lock has the patented technology guarantee, and the safety handle button is added in the indoor handle setting. The safety handle button needs to be pressed to turn the handle door to open, which brings a safer use environment.
  2. The commonly used fingerprint password lock has the danger of password leakage. Nowadays, the smart fingerprint lock not only has the function of virtual password function, that is, before or after the registered password, and inputting any number as a dummy password, effectively preventing the registration password from being leaked. At the same time, the door lock can be opened.
  3. Now smart fingerprint lock palm touch screen will actively display, three minutes will actively lock. The code, the door lock is opened or closed, and the battery low voltage and other status prompts are displayed on the screen, intelligent intelligence control.
  Second, convenience:
  The intelligent fingerprint lock is different from the general mechanical lock and has an automatic electronic induction locking system. It automatically senses that when the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. The smart fingerprint lock can be done by fingerprint, password, mobile phone, or switch door lock. Fingerprint locks are often inconvenient when using password/fingerprint registration functions, especially when used by old people and children. The recently released smart lock can open its unique voice prompt function, making the user's operation more concise and easy to understand.
  Third, security
  The smart fingerprint lock is different from the previous method of “turn on and then scan”. The scanning method is very simple. You can place your finger on the top of the scan from top to bottom. You don't need to press your finger on the scan. Reduce fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprints being copied, and be safe and exclusive.
  Fourth, creativity
  Traditional mechanical locks have no special concern about its appearance. The current smart fingerprint lock not only satisfies the public's aesthetics from the design personality of the appearance, but also creates a smart lock like the smart feeling of Apple.
  1. Independent information management manages all user information, and can freely add/modify/delete user information. Advantages: It is very useful for users to manage user rights. Users can freely authorize and allow certain people to enter. This feature is useful for users who have a babysitter or tenant at home. When the nanny or tenant moves away, they can delete their fingerprints instantly, so they can't open the door without the right to use them. Conversely, if there are new nannies and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time so that they can open the door freely. Overall, the biggest benefit of this feature is that you don't have to worry about the babysitter or tenant copying the keys and reducing the insecurity at home. Disadvantages: Entering and deleting fingerprints requires multiple steps, the program is cumbersome, and the convenience is not enough. However, the complicated operation is also for the sake of safety. It is acceptable for the time being. If you can improve the safety factor and simplify the operation procedure, it is better.
  2. Voice operation prompt During the use process, the voice function is activated, and the user is guided to open the door operation, so that the user knows whether the operation of each step is correct, and prompts the user for the next operation. Advantages: Make the operation easier to understand. This function is very practical for the elderly or children, so that they can be handy in the operation process, reducing their rejection of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation. Disadvantages: Because the voice prompt is uniformly recorded, the voice is too mechanized, and the mobility and intimacy are not strong. In addition, the general voice operation prompts are only Chinese and English. This function is ineffective for the elderly and children who do not understand the two languages.
  3. The anti-smashing alarm function encounters abnormal opening and external violent damage, or the door lock slightly deviates from the door, immediately issuing a strong alarm, attracting attention, like a car alarm. Advantages: Strong alarm sound can attract the attention of people around and effectively prevent thieves from illegal activities. For users with a more complex centering environment, this feature is more useful. Disadvantages: The alarm system cannot temporarily connect to the community or the police station security system, and cannot automatically alarm. This feature needs to be improved for higher security units. In addition, not every lock has this feature and requires customization.
  4. The dummy password can add multiple or more sets of garbled characters before and after the correct password. As long as there is a continuous correct password in this group of data, the fingerprint lock can be opened. Advantages: Prevent passwords from being hacked Disadvantages: The purpose of this feature is one of the most "not practical" features discussed in the fingerprint lock world. Since the user can open the door with "correct password + garbled", the thief must remember the password group that the user just used, and of course the door can be opened. Unless the virtual password has the same "password + garbled", the second function cannot be used.
  5, button remote unlocking through the remote control button, control the opening of the door lock within a certain distance. It is consistent with the automatic unlocking function of the car. Advantages: More intelligent, more able to meet the needs of different groups of people. For example, in the company, the company boss can lock the door of the office, when the subordinates knock on the door, do not have to go to the door to open the door, directly press the door open button to open the door, but also prevent visitors from entering. If it is a mechanical lock, in order to facilitate the entry of employees, the boss generally does not lock the door, which is convenient for those who rush into the door. If the door is locked, the boss often gets up and opens the door when the employee wants to report the work, which is very inconvenient. This work just happens to solve this problem. Disadvantages: Cannot be connected to the Internet, and can only control the door lock through a control button within a certain range.
  6, remote control to open the door
  This feature is connected to the Internet and can be controlled by a mobile phone in any part of the world;
  Advantages: further enhance the intelligence of the fingerprint lock
  When parents or relatives and friends visit and are not at home, they can use this function to remotely control the door locks and let them enter the door.
  Disadvantages: When no one is at home, if you accidentally touch this function and open the door, and you have not noticed, the consequences are unimaginable.
  The factors affecting the price of smart fingerprint locks are as follows:
  1, the difference in product quality
  Quality is the life of enterprise development. This reason seems simple, but it is not so easy to do. After all, high quality must pay the price of high cost. Therefore, no matter which industry, high-priced products must have the quality of high prices. Our company, Shenzhen Aomis Technology Co., Ltd., has been focusing on the intelligent door lock industry for more than ten years. It has passed the ISO9000:2008 quality system certification, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed!
  2. Is it true intelligence?
  Many young people want to buy smart fingerprint locks, which is directed at the word "smart". Because smart fingerprint lock is an important part of smart home, it not only has more fingerprints, face, iris, password, etc. in the way of opening, it is more convenient to use, and it can also communicate with other smart home products.
  3, the difference between after-sales service?
  Many users reacted, and the smart fingerprint locks bought by informal channels could not be used for a long time. However, when the manufacturers were found to solve the problem, most of the merchants did not find excuses to shirk their responsibilities, that is, they dragged on and off, and even went missing directly. So everyone is choosing a smart brand lock to try to choose a big brand.
  What are the factors affecting the price of smart fingerprint locks? It is mainly analyzed from the differences between product quality, whether it is true intelligence, and the difference between after-sales service. In general, in the selection of intelligent security products, especially smart fingerprint locks, we must choose the brand that is trustworthy and the quality of the after-sales and the product itself.
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