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What is a sauna lock (cabinet lock)?

  What is a sauna lock (cabinet lock)? It is different from the traditional lock that needs to be opened with a metal key. It is opened by the smart card or password of the magnetic card. It is usually used in hotels, saunas, supermarkets, schools, banks and other places. Since it is mostly used in sauna cabinets, it is often called a sauna lock. The performance and parameters of the sauna lock are generally as follows:
sauna lock (cabinet lock)
  1. The total control card or management password can be set to manage each cabinet door lock, and all cabinet door locks can be opened in an emergency.
  2. guest card (ie open the door card) open one door per door. Or use a password to open the door once or open an authorized password.
  3. In special cases, the mechanical key emergency opening door lock or management card and management password unlocking can be enabled.
  4. EM electronic cabinet door lock can be achieved with the sauna bath center management system.
  5. the waiter card can not be opened separately and must be used together with the guest card to open the door, that is, the double card to open the door.
  6. The management card has the function of adding and deleting cards, which can be completed without removing the door lock.
  7. independent card-matching method, directly on the door lock with a card, simple and convenient.
  8. Low-voltage prompt, when the power is lower than 3V, the red light flashes rapidly, and the sound is repeated twice. The door lock can also be normally switched 20 times. At this time, the battery needs to be replaced.
  9. The lock core adopts intelligent small lock core, the structure is reasonable, and the operation is safe and reliable.
  10. strap card: easy to carry, waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature, anti-corrosion.
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