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Tesla coil promotes healthy development of smart lock industry

  Recently, the biggest hot spot in the smart lock world is the "Tesla Coil" small black box seconds to open the smart lock. The panic that caused some of the smart lock users also puts the wait-and-see attitude on the users who are planning to start. According to the development of the times, the intelligent lock gradually replaces the ordinary lock is the inevitable process of history. Why is this "Tesla coil panic"? In fact, it is just the resurgence of the inferior in the smart lock industry.
Tesla coil test smart lock
  Panic can be avoided, Tesla coils are not terrible
  In fact, this panic can be avoided. Some smart locks can be opened by Tesla coils because these smart lock manufacturers save the cost and save the voltage regulator module on the circuit design. The core program does not protect the restart function, and does not add current overload short circuit function. . The high-frequency discharge of the Tesla coil causes the smart lock chip to automatically restart, and some smart lock chip settings are automatically unlocked after restarting, so these smart locks are turned on.
  Because the chip used for such circuit design has a relatively low memory capacity, the memory capacity of the chip is low and the price is cheap. To put it bluntly, it is to reduce the cost. The same applies if a penny is used for the purpose of selecting a smart lock.
  At the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July 2018, the building materials industry was the largest, and the exhibition called “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition” was unveiled in addition to the smart lock companies that almost named the names. Basically, every smart home exhibitor A smart lock was on display. A large number of enterprises have entered the smart lock industry, but how many enterprises have real core technology and research and development capabilities?
  Secondly, in order to seize the market, the strategy of selling smart locks at low prices also exists. Selling at a low price, but also taking into account the survival of the company, purchasing cheap raw materials, cheap chips, cheap lock cores, especially cheap intelligent control modules… This is an inevitable choice. If the security design is flawed and there is no corresponding protection mechanism, it is not surprising that the smart lock is opened when it encounters the Tesla coil interference. And such a smart lock enterprise will be eliminated by the market in the development of the industry.
  Joney Technology Co., Ltd. also conducted this test specifically for the Tesla coil unlocking video circulating on the network. It confirmed that the smart locks developed and produced by the company did not have this problem and could not be opened by the Tesla coil.
Smart Lock Joneytech
  Advanced chip anti-interference bank-level network security encryption
  According to Joney Technology, the intelligent cloud lock independently developed by the company not only has a voltage regulator module, but also has a current overload short-circuit protection function, and the anti-electromagnetic radiation interference design of the circuit layout improves the anti-interference ability. In addition, Joney Technology's smart door lock has a protection mechanism for the restart of the core program. Even if the chip is restarted, the system will not be invalidated, and the door lock will be locked by default, so users can use it with peace of mind.
  Joney Technology can use cloud-locked super C-class lock core, which is the highest level of anti-theft protection on the market, anti-smashing and anti-pull; using AES128 bank-level advanced encryption technology, it can effectively prevent information hijacking when remote unlocking; adopt upgraded national standard anti-theft 6068 standard lock Body, silent lock tongue, hardened and thickened explosion-proof, safe and secure; energy-efficient system, standby time of up to 12 months, after a low battery alarm, it can be used for about another month.
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