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Is the smart lock safe and secure? Look at these three main points

Smart Lock
  1, lock cylinder: Super B level is safe
  The national standard has developed two safety levels for the lock core, which are A and B. These two levels are basically without security. Therefore, the enterprise standard is super B grade (also called C grade or even super C grade, just Called differently). Whether it is a smart lock or not, it is recommended to use the super B-class lock. The current super-B-class lock core technology has an opening time of 270 minutes, while the A and B grades are 1 minute and 5 minutes respectively, so if you want to buy a smart lock, you need to choose equipment. Super B-class lock core products.
  2, hidden under the keyhole is not safe
  Many smart locks on the market place the keyholes at the bottom of the front panel of the lock, rather than the regular front. This design shows that this keyhole is probably not really passed through the lock cylinder, but is a fake ferrule that can be easily cracked. This kind of lock hole set under the door lock panel may not be safe. Therefore, when purchasing the smart lock, try to select the product with the keyhole on the front side. If possible, it is best to check the structure of the lock panel and the lock body before purchasing. Look at the keyhole used is the fake ferrule.
  3, lock body: motor and clutch must be reliable
  It is difficult for consumers to distinguish the quality of the lock body. The material used is not easy to distinguish. The internal motor and clutch are not easy to judge, which brings many problems for the purchase. Since the electronic lock is unlocked by the motor-driven clutch, the motor and clutch must be durable, and the two components must be in the lock body to avoid violent unlocking. If the merchant does not display the structural information inside the lock body, then it is only possible to select some manufacturers with certain lock manufacturing qualifications.
  Rethinking the event: expelling the industry's inferior products
  It is worth noting that the smart lock can be turned on by the Tesla coil in the initial state (ie, no password, no IC card, no fingerprint open mode). However, as long as any one of the password, IC card or fingerprint is set, the smart lock will not be cracked. Users and families who actually use smart locks will not have such a hidden danger.
  As consumer perceptions increase, the speed of smart door locks will become faster and faster, which will prompt the corresponding institutions or organizations to issue relevant standards. At present, the standard public security department of the lock body has already been formulated. All the enterprises of the door lock can meet the corresponding standards in the lock body, but in the areas such as fingerprint identification, password level and security chip, there is no standard. This is the main reason for the chaos in the smart door lock industry. The development of standards can be based on the level of the sensor or chip. For example, the fingerprint recognition sensor of the smart door lock must be above the semiconductor sensor, and there must be clear guidelines for the false recognition rate and rejection rate. In addition to standards, the transparency of major technology or chip parameters is another way to correct industry chaos.
  The lock industry is closely related to people's lives, and the quality of its products is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore, no matter when the lock manufacturing enterprise must put the product quality in the first place, only when the consumer truly enjoys the simple operation of the smart home and the superior burglar alarm capability, the enterprise can win the consumer in the fierce market competition. Favor. In the future, smart security will become more complicated. A single security technology cannot solve the security problem of smart locks. With the advancement of technology, multiple anti-theft and anti-hacking technologies will be the core of smart lock development.
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