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  Smart door locks can make our homes safer to protect, but in fact many people still don't know enough about smart locks. I don't know what is special about mechanical locks, and which ones are most worthy of our choice. Three advantages of smart locks:
  First, security: Many people worry that smart locks are not as safe as mechanical locks, but they are misunderstood. The intelligent lock is generally equipped with a high-strength high-quality 304 stainless steel lock tongue, a square tongue with anti-saw pin, a lateral static pressure of 5300N, and a service life of 200,000 times. Automatic locking function, the door closing tongue automatically pops up, reducing the risk of human negligence. Optional upper and lower heaven and earth poles to increase the lock point. Super B-class / C-class lock core, C-class lock core technology open time up to 270 minutes, safer than most lock cylinders on the market! In addition, the outer panel, lock body structure and free handle design of many smart locks can effectively prevent external force damage, anti-smash, anti-saw and prevent violent opening. There are also anti-cat eye opening, anti-peeping virtual password, password anti-hacking and other functions.
Smart Lock C-class lock cylinder
  1. Mechanical safety performance of the handle panel: The zinc alloy panel is integrally formed at one time, and the metal strength performance is excellent. Pass the 96 hour salt spray test. The clutch is placed in the lock cylinder, and even if the handle is broken, the door lock cannot be opened by the lock body handle hole.
  2, the real ferrule
  Since the smart lock has a true ferrule, there is also a fake ferrule. To understand what is really ferrule, we must start with the difference between the two.
  Ferrule: The true mortise lock body is installed with a gourd lock cylinder, which is also a nationally certified C-class lock cylinder. The middle dial drives the ferrule lock body to operate. The fake mortise lock body has only one vacancy like a word, and the connecting rod of the lock core is inserted into the vacancy to drive the false ferrule lock body to operate.
  Function: Real ferrule, through the lock body, good anti-theft performance, not easy to open through the key. The fake ferrule does not penetrate the lock body and is inserted under the panel, and the anti-theft performance is slightly poor.
  Anti-theft indicator: true ferrule, technology requires 270 minutes to open. The fake ferrule is easy to open.
  Lock position: The positive mortise lock body is not easy to be pulled or pulled out. Even if the thief removes the entire outer panel, he can't touch the lock cylinder, and he is faced with a super-B or C-class mechanical lock cylinder. Most thieves without ultra-high technology will find it difficult to retreat. Excellent performance. The false mortise lock body is located forward, and the lock core can only be installed outside the lock body. As long as the outer panel of the smart lock is opened with a hammer, the smart lock of the fake ferrule has almost no resistance. The thief only needs a one-word screwdriver to easily unlock.
  3, built-in clutch
  Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the smart lock has added new methods such as fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking. It is necessary to add an electronic unlocking module to drive the clutch to unlock. Therefore, the motor and the clutch become a very critical part, which directly affects the overall safety performance of the smart lock.
  The relationship between the motor and the clutch is that after the motor receives the fingerprint, password or swipe command, it is transmitted to the clutch, and the clutch is controlled to unlock. The direct action is to return the free handle to the non-free state, and the lower pressure can be unlocked.
  Then what is the free handle: When the fingerprint lock is locked, the handle is in a free state, and the handle can be pressed down, but the door cannot be opened.
  4, front and rear panel anti-theft system, also known as the front and rear dual system settings, the absolute advantage of smart lock security, especially after comparison with a single system.
  Dual system: The front system is responsible for reading the comparison, and the rear system is responsible for unlocking. The dual system works independently, and the system is not activated after the system is disturbed. It effectively resists the high current of 15kV and does not fear the "Tesla coil" to unlock.
  Single system: The mainstream smart locks are directly controlled by a single system to unlock the motor, which is easy to be unlocked by strong current interference and has a low safety factor.
  That is to say, even if the front panel is violently removed, or the front system is restarted with strong current interference, it will not affect the normal operation of the system. As long as the system is still controlling the unlocking command, the lock will not be illegal. Untie.
  Second, convenience: I believe that many people buy smart locks are the reason - fingerprint unlocking is more convenient, no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring the key! In fact, in addition to fingerprint unlocking, it can also be unlocked by swiping, password unlocking, key unlocking, remote authorization unlocking, etc., and even newer face unlocking, iris unlocking, etc. Many smart locks also have voice prompts, built-in smart operating system, making the operation easier to understand. Virtual password: When you unlock, if there are other people around you. You can set other numbers as interference before and after entering the correct password. Time management: The head of the household can set the designated password to open the door for others according to their own needs.
  Third, intelligence: Many smart locks also have a variety of intelligent functions, experience breaks through your imagination, let you control the lock dynamics in real time. The fingerprint sensor adopts a unique anti-scratch algorithm, which can be recognized even if it is scratched. Once the door lock is shaken, it will immediately sound an alarm and protect the security all day long. The tamper alarm: if the external lock body is illegally destroyed by humans When the door lock system automatically sounds an alarm. High temperature alarm: When the outside temperature reaches the critical value, the alarm sounds continuously to avoid unnecessary losses. After the wrong fingerprint/password is continuously input, the door lock automatically sleeps to prevent it from being cracked. Equipped with emergency charging port and emergency key for emergency needs.
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