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Smart lock development prospects

  The door lock belongs to the just-needed market, and the smart fingerprint lock market will develop rapidly.
Smart Lock
  The door lock is the most important part of family security, and it is the just-needed product that every household needs. The intelligent fingerprint lock integrates the mechanical components, dynamic sensing, optics, electricity, encryption algorithms and other fields. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the door lock, the convenience has greatly increased.
  The user can no longer use the key as the voucher for the single switch door lock, but can use the fingerprint, password, card, iris, ID card, mobile phone app and other methods to quickly unlock, through the cloud security technology, real-time feedback of the door lock status and home security status , to achieve intelligent fingerprint lock, remote alarm,
  Visual intercom and other functions, this double breakthrough of security and convenience, let smart fingerprint locks replace traditional door locks into thousands of households has become a consensus. The latest industry research data shows that more than 80% of households intend to upgrade traditional door locks to smart fingerprint locks. The smart fingerprint lock market is growing at an average annual market growth rate of 40%, and the market turnover is expected to exceed one trillion. yuan.
  Intelligent fingerprint lock enterprise collaboration smart home industry has been committed to the audience's life philosophy and living habits, plus the Internet and the Internet of Things are developing in depth, and the smart fingerprint lock itself is constantly iteratively improved, and the user acceptance is getting higher and higher. .
  In general, the smart fingerprint lock market has occupied a good position in the market volume, development environment, technological breakthroughs, etc., and it is also a year of intense competition in the smart market. For smart fingerprint lock brands, marketing, products and services are not to be relaxed.
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